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The Alphabet Murders took place in Rochester, New York between 1971 and 1973 and is the unsolved murders of three young girls. Each girl had matching initials where the first letter of their first name matched the first letter of their last name and each body was found in a city or town with the same corresponding letter. While the three unsolved murders remained unsolved the case never went cold as law enforcement kept the case alive by constantly returning to their original investigations and the media's continued coverage to keep the case in the papers. 2011, Reno, Nevada, a probation officer conducting a standard monthly check up discovers a "rape diary" at the home of Joseph Naso possibly connecting him to the unsolved alphabet murders. Has the case been solved? 

Brooklyn Summer Ale by Brooklyn Brewery 
While it's been cold in the garage, it's fun to pretend every now and then that summer is upon us. Here's to good times and plenty of sunshine in the new year. 

ADAM WALSH ////// 11


July 27th, 1981 the son of John Walsh is reported missing, last seen in a mall department store. The details of his disappearance are unclear. 16 days later Adam's decapitated head is found 120 miles away. John Walsh would go on with the help of the TV show America's most wanted to find missing persons and bring wanted suspected and fugitives to justice. Unfortunately even with a confession from a crazy drifter we are still left with questions years after Hollywood, Florida police officially close the case. 

Cigar city brewing company 
Jai Alai IPA 
6 different hop varietals! A strong & delicious IPA. Cigar city makes a lot of fantastic beers. If you like complex beers with a lot of notes, check out Cigar city!

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DR. SAM SHEPPARD ////// 10

On July 4, 1954 a young beautiful wife of a handsome Doctor is brutally beaten to death as her son and the doctor are sleeping in their home in Bay Village, Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie. When police speak with the young Doctor he tells them he too was attacked after waking up and rushing into the bedroom to rescue his wife. "The bushy haired man" killed my wife, Dr. Sam Sheppard proclaimed even as police, the medical examiner and the D.A. pushed to bring murder charges against Marilyn Sheppard's husband, Sam. 
Did Sam do it??? 

Our beer of the week is the absolutely wonderful Dortmunder Gold, by Great Lakes brewing company. This is one of my favorite beers by far. Fantastic beer for both hot and cold days, strong but refreshing!

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COLUMBINE ////// 09



High school seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold brought upon the students and teachers of Columbine high their own "little judgement day." They spent over year heisting a plan to be famous and to go down in a blaze of glory. What they would leave behind was far from glory. They left only pain, sorrow, and grief to the people of Littleton, Colorado. In the process they would shame their families and leave them with pain and grief as well.  

Beer of the week  

Littleton Pale Lager  
By Saint Patrick's Brewing Company 

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