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Jodi Arias ////// 23 

Jodi Arias ////// 23 


On June 9, 2008 Travis Alexander was found dead by a group of friends at his home. He had been violently attacked, stabbed and shot. Prosecutor Juan Martinez was one of the first observers at the crime scene. Mr. Martinez joins us in the garage to discuss what was found at the murder scene and how he pieced together a slam dunk case to get Travis' killer and former girlfriend Jodi Arias sent to prison for life. 

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Recommended Reading - Conviction: the untold story of putting Jodi Arias behind bars 
By Lead Prosecutor Juan Martinez 
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Amy Mihaljevic ////// 22 

True Crime Garage 
Amy Mihaljevic ////// 22

Amy Mihaljevic went missing October 27, 1989 in Bay Village, Ohio. Her body was found early the next year. The story of her unsolved kidnapping and murder was one of the first cases presented on America's Most Wanted. To this date her killer has not been found. True Crime Garage found someone who believes he knows exactly who killed Amy. This episode the garage guys sit down with the King of Cleveland Crime reporting, True Crime author James Renner. They sip beer while James presents his case of the at large killer and how even at a young age he was determined to track down the truth and seek justice for Amy. For more information go to and for all things James Renner go to 

Beer of the week - Jackie O's Mystic Mama 
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Recommended Reading - Amy: My search for her killer: secrets and suspects in the unsolved murder of Amy Mihaljevic 
By James Renner 
Available at on our recommended page

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SON OF SAM ////// 21


The summer of 76 unleashed a monster onto the streets of New York City. There was a mad man lurking in the shadows, thirsty for the blood of young women. Dubbed the 44 caliber killer due to his weapon of choice, this crazed killer openly threatened police & the women of New York City & gave himself a new name, the Son of Sam. Grab a couple of cold ones but make sure to leave the garage lights on cause this story gets dark, real dark! 

Yonkers Brewing Company's Vienna Lager - 3 1/4 bottle caps 
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Recommended reading: 
All things James Renner! We have four of James' books featured on our recommended page. His two very in depth True Crime books "Amy, my search for her killer" and "The serial killer's apprentice" and his two fantastically creative fiction books "The man from primrose lane" and " The great forgetting." 
James joined us last week in the Sonic Lounge Studios to discuss several of the cases that he has spent years investigating. Thank you to James and we look forward to releasing those shows! Dive into the world of Renner by picking up any of these amazingly intriguing books.

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Long Island Serial Killer UPDATE ////// 20

Long Island Serial Killer - update 

In the final episode of the season Nic & the Captain chat about the first season of True Crime Garage and how much love and help they have received from listeners and the TCG Army. We get to hear bits about cases they intend to cover in season 2 and new information that came out in February 2016 regarding the unsolved Long Island Serial killer and Shannon Gilbert cases. Thanks for a fantastic season 1 & we hope to see you again soon with a HUGE season 2!!!! 

Beer of the week - Florida Cracker by Cigar City Brewing - Tampa Florida 

This refreshing white ale is brewed with unmelted wheat, orange peel and coriander and then fermented in French saison yeast. It's lighter, very tasty and complicated like all of Cigar city's brews. Delicious but don't call me cracker! 
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NATALIE WOOD ////// 19

Natalie Wood and husband Robert Wagner were very much in love. Both enjoying life as living Hollywood success stories. Natalie a childhood star who had recently returned to the silver screen and Robert riding high on the wings of a highly rated television series. Their marriage was enhanced by another love: the sea. To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend the Wagners invited Natalie's "brainstorm" movie co-star Christopher Walken to join them on their yacht "Splendour" in Catalina. Drinking and bad weather we're all that was predicted for the fun holiday weekend. However Natalie's body was found floating face down in the ocean. Was Natalie killed or did she simply just drown? We'll try to figure that out tonight in the garage. 

Recommended Reading 

By Doctor Thomas Noguchi 
Dr. Noguchi recounts his colorful and stormy career, explains his innovative techniques and reveals the full story behind his most fascinating investigations including the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy, Sharon Tate, Janis Joplin, Natalie Wood, John Belushi and many more. 

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Russian Knight 
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