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Joey LaBute ////// 27

Joey LaBute ////// 27 


Nic & The Captain discuss the unsolved murder of 26 year old Joey Labute Jr. This case hits close to home and close to the heart. Joey was last seen having drinks with friends at a popular downtown bar in Columbus Ohio. His body was found in the Scioto River, March 29th, 2016. This case is extremely sad and hauntingly familiar. Almost 10 years prior to the day that Joey's body was found, a young professional man same age as Joey had disappeared from a busy downtown bar in the same neighborhood. As Columbus mourns the loss of Joey the city is reminded of the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. 

Beer of the week - Shadowed Mistress Strong Ale by Zaftig Brewing Company 
From Worthington Ohio. Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

OJ SIMPSON /// PART 2 ////// 25

OJ Simpson /// Part 2 ////// 25

Last episode we went over the timeline in great detail regarding the events of June 12, 1994 that left two dead and two homicides unsolved. This episode we sift through the evidence and see if OJ will be found guilty in the garage. So grab a beer because Garage court is now in session. 

Beer of the week - The Evil Dead Red 
Alesmith Brewing Company 
Garage Grade - 4 1/2 out of 5 bottle caps 

Nic & The Captain

OJ SIMPSON /// PART 1 ////// 25

OJ Simpson /// Part 1 ////// 25


June 13, 1994 just after midnight, the bodies of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown are found near Nicole's condo. Both had been stabbed several times and Nicole's throat had been cut so severally that she was nearly decapitated. What would take place over the next several days and the polarizing trail are still fresh in our minds 20 years later. What has remained a mystery is the actions and movements of persons in the last few hours of June 12. Today we revisit this crime to go over the timeline of that day's events and present the evidence that sometimes is lost in the muck of drama and glamour. Did the famous football star kill his former wife and young Ron Goldman, we all know he was acquitted. We will discuss the evidence that points towards OJ's guilt and explore a few other suspects that you may not have heard of. 

Beer of the week - Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Company 
Garage Grade - 4 of 5 bottle caps 

Nic & The Captain

SLENDER MAN ////// 24

Slender Man ////// 24 

True Crime Garage

May 31, 2014 two 12 year old girls lure their "friend" into the woods only to attack and stab her multiple times. "They tried to kill her for the Slender man." Who is the Slender man and truly why did these young girls comment such a horrific crime. Tonight we will venture into the garage and have a few beers and maybe just maybe we can make some sense of such a senseless act. To donate to the victim and her family, please go to  

Beer of the week - Hoptoberfest  
Milwaukee Brewing Company 
Garage Grade - 3 1/2 bottle caps 
Drink in the garage and leave the car parked! Be good and don't litter! 

Nic & The Captain 

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