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A Body In Kentucky /// Part 1 /// 156

November 7, 2017

A Body in Kentucky /// Part 1 /// 156


Part 1 of 2


May 17th, 1968- Near Georgetown, Kentucky. Wilbur Riddle arrived for work at a drill site. As he waited for his boss he wandered around collected glass insulators. Wilbur sees what he describes as a bundle. It was something wrapped up in a canvas tarp like material and secured with rope. Wilbur decided he would open it and see what was inside. He gets the rope off and then starts to pull open the tarp. The bundle begins to take shape and it's starting to look like a human body. Wilbur deciding he wants nothing more to do with what he has found, he jumps in his truck and leaves. He drives to the nearest telephone and notifies the Sheriff. When the sheriff met Wilbur at the scene he quickly confirmed Wilbur had in fact found the dead body of a young woman. Tonight we discuss this finding and the investigation that followed. 

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