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Brandon Lawson 911 Tape /// Part 2 ////// 86

March 1, 2017

Brandon Lawson 911 Tape /// Part 2 ////// 86

August 9th - 2013, Bronte, Texas-  A young father of four left his home in the middle of the night. While driving his truck to his father's house he runs out of gas. Brandon Lawson is on a dark highway in the middle of nowhere. Armed with only his cell phone Brandon goes walking in search of gas. Something happened that scared Brandon because just before 1 am, he calls 911. I'm in a field... I need the cops... Please hurry...
Are these Brandon's last words? Tonight we go through the timeline of Brandon's disappearance and we try to dissect the now famous 911 call.

Beer of the week - One Hundred Million Angels Singing by Texas Ale Project
Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of five

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