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The Cheshire Murders /// Part 2 /// 155

November 1, 2017

The Cheshire Murders /// Part 2 /// 155

Part 2 of 2

Two petty criminals met and became friends at a halfway house. This was to be part of rehabilitating both of these criminals with lengthy records back into society. After the friendship was formed the house burglar taught the car thief how to break into homes of well to do families. In July of 2007 the two men broke into the home of Dr. William Petit. Petit had lived at the home on Sorgham Mill drive in the quiet safe town of Cheshire, Connecticut for 20 years. At home with Dr. Petit that night was his wife and two daughters. The two men found Dr. Petit asleep on a couch in the sunroom. They beat him with a baseball bat. From there the two men went to ransack the house and terrorize the girls. This is the nightmarish true story of the Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion murders.

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